Special offer video advertising package

Special offer video advertising package

The video, with an exponential increase in Internet visualizations in recent years, is by far the most engaging and popular advertising medium in existence. But there is a lot of competition: do not limit yourself to videos of low quality, without creative ideation, maybe the usual do-it-yourself with your mobile phone. He creates a professional video of high profile, in 4k resolution and cinematographic optics, with a direction and original creative ideation, to make the difference. Bring potential customers into your company, showing their products with the power of images, with a very low investment.


SPECIAL PRICE OF € 400 instead of € 800 FOR ONE VIDEO

10 advertising videos to tell about your activity with a maximum duration of 1 minute.

Buy the 10-video package now, only realize them when you need them.

(price including VAT)


First of all you tell us everything you want to communicate in the video and we process the content with a script and creative proposals.


Preparation, shooting in 4k with Leica and Samyang optics, video and audio editing, logos, graphics and titrations. Color correction. Recording voice in the studio. We look for the most beautiful, effective and original images to transform the idea into visual and sound material.


Finally we send you the digital file with the draft of the spot for your approval or for any revisions and changes to achieve the result you are looking for 100% very quickly. The production of your commercials managed via email or cloud.


In addition transcode the final version of the videos in the appropriate files for each type and distribution support: tablet, smartphone, pc, youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Sky, cinema.

You can create promotional spots, short illustrative documentaries or any other type of video you need to engage your customers and find new ones. Once realized we can also take care of the distribution with the most suitable media: web, TV or cinema.

Monitore film avails itself of technical and artistic collaborators of great experience and professionalism in the field, of great flexibility according to the different needs of each production, open to the great innovative possibilities of advertising language. All this allows agility and speed of realization and the most competitive costs of the market.