Give your company great visibility with your movie spot in the local or national bands. Monitore film deals with the creation and planning of your spot IN ALL ITALY, guaranteeing the most competitive costs on the market, operating with the dealerships in the most important UCI multiplex complexes, THE SPACE and others in all Italian regions.

No other advertising medium evokes emotions and imagination like the spot in the cinema, a moment of escape and dream that favors the availability in the spectators to receive the promotional messages much better.

Choose the multiplex of your interest to reach the target and the area you want: over 100 million admissions in 2014, official data that will allow your spot in the cinema to reach the general public in the most spectacular form possible.

Step 1: ideation and creation

Based on the communication needs of the company, both promotional and institutional, we create and create the high-definition video spot for the best performance on the big screen. Possibility of creating a commercial spot or a fiction spot suitable also for planning in the national band with actors and artificial lighting. From the creative development of ideas to the preparation of production, shooting, editing, professional speakers with voice recorded in the studio, music, titles, effects, color correction, export and delivery of final files and transcodifications necessary for programming your spot in the cinema, on TV and for all other possible needs. All rights to use the video remain your property.


Step 2: media planning

We take care of the planning of your advertising campaign to the cinema from A to Z: choice of structure, number of rooms and duration of the spot in the cinema according to the communication strategy, delivery and updates of video files to cinemas, contracts and payment planning .

display of products and visibility to your brand in the foyers of the most prestigious Italian multisale

In the halls of the Uci Cinemas and The Space chain it is possible to rent an exhibition space with a maximum DESK of 2X2 meters with the possibility of employing professional promoters to distribute your promotional material.


It is possible to expose a car or 2 motorcycles in the foyer of the multiplex in front of the speakers and in any case in a public transit area. With the use of totems and display desks with dedicated staff.

The TOTEM is a self-supporting sign in single or double-sided slab of 1 × 2 meters equipped with one or two flyer-holder pockets that can be placed at strategic points of the cinema atrium with great impact and high visibility.

Your spot in the cinema can be enhanced by means of co-marketing such as sponsorship on the back of the tickets, on the headrests of the room, on the flyers distributed inside and outside the structures with the programming of the films.





Step 3: in programming

Report of the programming in the various rooms of the spot in the cinema and technical and commercial assistance. Total flexibility during the active advertising campaign to change and optimize the planning strategy.