Rome: Andrea Casadei is a young investigator specializing in audio interceptions. Is often encountered in Piazza Navona with his friend Gigi, street artist frustrated and obsessed with success at all costs, with whom he shares a passion for interceptions. Upset by the mystery of the disappearance of Ciccio Simpatia, another street artist mutual friend, Andrea decides to abandon the work of the Committee to change their lives and reflect on their own and others’ existence. Meet the actress Marina and with a bug in his life will slowly to discover the secrets most unthinkable…

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Director’s note

“Perhaps this film is a reflection on the art of observing, listening, in short, of what you do when you leave the real world to tell it, maybe you want to talk about the subtle relationship between successful mirages propagated by society of today, the most authentic human power and relationships: A ‘dark cloud’ looms over the city: it is engulfing everyone in a kind of indistinct, uniform mass, where everyone thinks the same things, where everyone is more alone. the truest part that makes us unique? Maybe you can try to intercept it only in secret. “






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