The smartphone woman

from March 5 in the theatres and on Streaming channel






The difficulty of integrating a woman into a disrupted reality, Rome and its ghosts, the competitive mentality and bullying at work, the social life and alienation, the degradation of the peripheral villages. In a film that uses life itself and its unpredictable events such as writing and fictional language.

An old sick man finds a smartphone: inside there are videos that tell the life of a woman who moves from a small town in Italy to work as a teacher in a city that turns out to be hostile and incomprehensible: Rome.

The smartphone woman is a film poised between fiction and reality, or rather, a film where life lived and recorded through the videos of a smartphone at the very moment in which it happened is reworked through a staging. The videos of the protagonist’s smartphone proceed in parallel with the high definition images, giving life to a story where the life of the main character crosses the fiction and the autofiction, and his experience goes into 3 macrosequences / infernal circles in which the film is divided: ancient Rome, worldliness and suburbs.