Monitore film is your video agency for every communication need.

Whether your goal is web or traditional video media, video is one of the most important factors for involving potential customers and the brand of your business. The production of videos for social marketing, commercials, institutional documentaries, product videos, promotional films, are now indispensable tools: telling the market or a possible partner their own business, with the power of images and testimonies, to show also in the particular the characteristics of the production technology, illustrating the advantages of a product or a service, communicate the essence of a company and are effective promotional and sales tools. The creation of advertising spots allows the launch of products, the commemoration of important milestones in the company’s history, in-house and / or external communication, attend exhibitions, events, send mailings to potential customers and customers, make grow your website and your Facebook and Youtube channel.

Through a video agency and the creation of your advertising film, communication becomes creative and extraordinary, no banner or web advertisement, no advertising in print, radio, signage can reach the power of video that brings potential customers directly into your company, illustrating products with the power of images. Videos of which we can also take care of viral dissemination on the web and social with specific strategies to make known your brand, your products or services and your processing processes to as many people as possible on the web or through TV, video installations and cinema.

Monitore film video agency avails itself of technical and artistic collaborators of great experience and professionalism, flexibility based on the different needs of each production, opening to the great innovative possibilities of advertising language. All this allows agility and speed of realization at the most competitive costs of the market. Monitore film is your video agency for quality commercials at really low costs.

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