The direct, monolithic and univocal message of the advertising film as we know it for decades seems no longer to be the protagonist of video advertising: The corporate video storytelling is the advertising of the future that becomes day after day an indispensable resource for companies.

The daily consumption of online video has become huge and is increasingly higher than the textual and photographic content, and it is necessary for a brand to make video storytelling online because the benefits are innumerable for the image and positioning.

Turning traditional advertising spots into stories that stimulate the identification and emotions of their target is now the most elegant and discreet way to engage the public and their consumers, and invite them to dialogue on social networks and all digital platforms. People have always loved to hear stories and companies can do it to achieve their business goals without the intrusion of traditional advertising. Entertainment, identification, emotion and sharing of brand values ​​with a cinematic story.


People are increasingly avoiding commercials and commercial breaks both on TV and on the web, but if we transform the commercial message into an exciting story that triggers the mechanism of identification, our imaginary, our aspirations, then we can get to the heart of our audience.

With video storytelling we take care to entertain, excite and share important values with your customers. We can do it with a format in episodes or in a single video depending on the needs of the brand or the specific promotion. Thanks to our twenty years experience in film and advertising we can tell the story of your company since the creation of a strong narrative and an editorial plan. From conception to publication on your main online channels.

Examples of successful storytelling: